Have you considered raw dog food diet recipes?

Raw dog food diet recipes reviewed

Going RARW ebookGoing RAWR
Overall Ranking: 8/10
Price: $27 (Limited time)
Owners: Maggie Rhines
Website: www.deliciousdogdiet.com

Have you ever considered feeding your pet raw dog food? No, me neither but recently it has cropped up several times from friends and family with two of them converting and reporting back very positive results. The guide they are using… You guessed it! It’s the Going Rawr eBook guide and it is very impressive. It is packed with raw dog food diet recipes that are brilliantly put together by Maggie Rhines, the creator.

The problem with commercial dog food

Maggie states that commercial dog foods have the following problems:

  • are almost always fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • causes dogs to be prone to ticks and dull coat
  • causes dogs to have bad-smelling doggie breath
  • makes use of grains as one of the ingredients, even if grains are not safe for dog consumption
  • are full of artificial flavorings and colorings to make the food more attractive to dogs, but are not that good for their health
  • makes use of meat by-products or meats that have failed to meet the standards for human consumption (i.e. lower quality meats

I was shocked to read as i said in my recent review of the Royal Canin Cocker Spaniel dog food my dog did use to suffer with some of these side effects of a poor dog food so i can fully believe that this is true. I have always known that they use meat that is not for human consumption in dog food and it is accepted but why? If we eat that meat then we would become ill and i know dogs have stronger stomachs but feeding them degraded meat day in day out surely can’t be good for them.

Also in regards to the grains found in commercial dog foods being bad is a real worry and something i had not thought about for my dog even though i don’t eat grains. I cut out grains a long time ago as part of my healthy diet after watching a documentary which showed you how rice shouldn’t be consumed at all by humans and can be very harmful. Then after reading further into it you will also find out how grains from bread and pasta are not naturally digested either. So why do we accept feeding our dogs these, potentially harmful, ingredients?

The recipes

Going Rawr will provide you with a long list of recipes that you can make for your dog that are all made up of raw ingredients. At first this may seem like a massive hassle that you do not want to take on but Maggie really knows what she is talking about and doesn’t provide you with a massive list of expensive ingredients that take 2 hours to prepare and cannot be stored. She is a sensible person that understands everyone’s struggles of life and how busy Measuring spoonswe all are. She provides sensible and reasonably priced (we are still talking meat) recipes for you that you can prepare and store to feed your dog efficiently even when you need to rush out. The recipes will often involve grabbing the ingredients, throwing them into a bowl, mixing them up and feeding to your dog. The main piece of equipment you need is some quick measures which can be bought for a few pounds here…

From there you will be shown step by step the best ways to then store the food, as you can make it in bulk, rather than just preparing it from scratch each day. The processes Maggie will show you to store the food will also reduce the chance of contamination which again is a big issue when looking at commercial dog food especially wet food.

How feeding your dog raw food could save you money

I know, if your someone like me, that the main sticking point on putting your dog on a raw food diet is the price. Although my dogs are a major part of my life i know how much shopping costs these days and to then have to add 1 more mouth to the shopping list could be a deal breaker but Maggie has the answer.

The portion sizes you are going to be feeding your dog are only small therefore the actual extra cost is kept to a minimum. This is massively down to the fact that the food you will be feeding your dog is packed with good nutrients and naturally filling for your dog. Unlike commercial food which is artificially pumped full of artificial nutrients and grains to make your dog feel full. So the result is your dog won’t actual need to eat as much food thus meaning your costs will be kept low.

Secondly you need to think of the potential vet bills you could be saving by feeding your dog such a healthy diet. There are so many dogs that are obese, just like us humans, and the problem is constantly getting worse. Being on top of your dogs diet and feeding them only what is necessary means they will keep at a good weight. This then reduces all the problems associated with being overweight and eating a bad diet such as heart disease, diabetes, skin problems, difficulty breathing and the list goes on.

I’m Going RAWR are you?

Going Rawr guide


After reading into the raw dog food diet i cannot keep feeding my dog commercial food without at least trying this out and seeing what effects they have on my dog. For the sake of $27 i will be weaning my dog onto raw food for at least a month to see what the results are for my dog and also how difficult the system is to implement. Everything about the diet fits with my principles around eating fresh healthy food so why should my dog not also have the same benefits.

Maggie claims that this diet could add 5+ years to your dogs life. Is that something that you really want to pass up with your furry friend? So give Maggie a chance to change your dogs life, as i have, and get your dog on a Rawr diet today!

Leave a comment below to let me know how your dog gets on…


My Ceramic Dog Bowl Set

Why i chose a ceramic dog bowl set

You may find yourself here as you are getting a puppy soon (if its a cocker spaniel puppy checkout my other posts for great information) or you may currently have a metal dog bowl set or even plastic one and find that your dog chews them or just flips it so your constantly picking food up from the floor and having to mop. So i created this page to pass on the great advice i have regarding these problems and how i have gone about solving them using a ceramic dog bowl set. If you have any tips in this area please leave a comment below and let me know.

The stainless steel bowl set

I began with a stainless steel dog bowl set for my dog, Bella, which did work great. The set had a stand which meant she had elevated dog bowls which i believe is a little more hygienic and easier for the dog to get to. Bella used this set for 2 years before the puppies came along and i had no issues apart from her ears would sometimes dip into the water and then she would walk around and leave droplets on the floor or jump on me with wet ears.

I did want to put up a photo of my actual metal set as with it being metal it is pretty much brand new even after 2 Stainless steel dog bowl setyears of usage but i have just looked for it i think my girlfriend may have thrown it out.

One of the issues i did have with these bowls is that even though they were in a little stand Bella would still be able to flip them out occasionally leaving my floor wet or covered in dog food. I obviously found this annoying as it needed cleaning but it also left Bella with now water for the rest of the day if i was out at work for example. On warm days this could be a real issue for your dog. The stainless steel bowls are just too light and i think my dogs just saw them as toys a lot of the time. Once the puppies came along they had to be replaced as the clumsy pups would stand or fall on the bowls and they would just flip for fun. This left a lot of unnecessary mess as i knew there must be something else out there to solve the problem.

Don’t buy plastic dog bowls

Bella did originally have some plastic dog bowls which didn’t last long. This is because, as with metal bowls, they can Plastic dog bowlbe easily flipped over by the dog as they are so light. This is not so much of an issue with the food as your dog will likely eat it off the floor or mine do as they’re a bit scruffy like that haha but you may not want wet dog food on the floor as when it dries it does go very hard. Although by now you should have read my review on why you should feed your dog dry dog food here. I have wooden floors in my house and i know it doesn’t react very well with large amounts of water spilled on it which will happen with plastic bowls especially when the dogs are young.

The next issue with plastic bowls is that you dog will, at some point, decide to see if the bowl tastes as good as the contents. I know Cocker Spaniels are chewy dogs and my two boys at the minute who are now months old are going through this stage. Anything plastic will be destroyed in a single sitting. Now you may think that as the bowls are plastic they are easy to replace which is true but i am thinking more down the lines of why would you want to keep feeding you dog plastic? I know first hand at the minute as my dogs have destroyed several plastic toys, a milk carton and two lunchboxes that the plastic when it bitten off is sharp and the dog will try eat some so be careful.

I understand that plastic dog bowls may be cheap and an easy fix but please don’t use them for your dog. All it takes is that one curious afternoon while you are out for some of the sharp plastic to be swallowed and its an emergency visit to the vets.

The advantages of a ceramic bowl set

So after the stainless steel bowl set didn’t work out i decided to invest in the ceramic bowls based on reviews i read on the internet. I say invest because the set will probably cost you around £20 which i feel is a little investment as metal and plastic are around half the price but it has to be said that you will get more value for your money from ceramic over the long term.


The first major advantage is the weight of the bowls means they are not going to be thrown around by your dog as easily as the other two. I have caught Loki pushing the water bowl around every so often if he has drank it all and he demands more water. This is simply a push of the bowl and they have never managed to actually flip either bowl. The Food bowl is big and heavy and that thing never moves from the spot i leave it when i have fed them.

Next the ceramic bowls are very easy to clean and i personally put them straight in the dishwasher once a week to make sure they are extra clean. Sometimes with the metal bowls i found that some wet food would stick to it and be very stubborn to remove and would require a lot of elbow grease. The ceramic just seems to easy to clean. A little warm water and fairy and they come up a treat. Also the plastic bowls get food stuck in the chew marks and often they have more nooks and crannies that food can stick and hide away into.

The main reason i turned to ceramic bowls was because they have…

The cocker spaniel water bowl!

Spaniel Bowl

Yes that’s right there is a specific bowl for cocker spaniels and it can be used with any dog that has long ears that dip into the water bowl and then drip all over your floor. For me having wet socks is very annoying and in this sense this bowl has paid for itself many times. The last thing i want it to come downstairs dressed for work to step into my dogs drips of water they have left me in the kitchen and wet my fresh socks. The bowl also stops the ears being wet so that when they come to say hello they are not wetting you with their wet ears which seem like sponges sometimes with the amount of water they can collect.

Now i have only had this bowl for a year now as i had never even heard of this bowl before then but i can assure you if i had i would have purchased this a long time ago. if there is one tip you should take away from this article it is to buy a cocker spaniel water bowl as i promise you it will solve a these issues. The bowl has never been flipped over and my dogs no longer have wet ears! I tried to get a photo of one of mine drinking from it to show you how the ears drop to the side but they weren’t having any of it and just constantly got excited and jumped on me instead.

Somewhere for the bowls to sit

Finally you will want some where to place your bowls down. If you have wooden floors the dogs will be able to slide the bowls around and if you have carpets then any food that is pulled out of the bowl and dropped will get squashed into your carpet and it is very hard to get out.

Ceramic dog bowls set

Here i have simply bought a small rug to place under the bowls as it looks nicer and was not very expensive. You can get a lot of mats to put under the bowls but i find them to be small and don’t look nice. Here they have a little corner that has their rug on it for their toys and food. They also enjoy sleeping on it so covers a few bases.

I bought my bowls from Amazon as they where the most competitively priced I have included links below to the bowls to save you searching around so why not go there now and order i can assure you your going to back next week leaving me a comment saying how good these bowls are!

Mason Cash spaniel bowl Mason Cash ceramic dog bowl

Do Cocker Spaniels shed a lot of hair?

Do Cocker Spaniels shed their furry coats?

One thing that really does need to be considered when looking into your new pet is just how much hair they will lose and with me having a black Cocker spaniel this issue crops up a lot. Do cocker spaniels shed and what questions we need to be asking:

Do cocker spaniels shed like a wookie?

How often am i going to have to hoover?

Will i be sleeping in fur lined blankets?

Am i going to look like a Wookie every time i leave the house?

So do Cocker Spaniels shed hair?

The simple answer is yes! They do lose hair and at certain times of the year they shed a lot of hair.

I have always let Bella sleep on my bed but the downside of this has always been that she does leave hair on the bed which is extremely annoying but i put up with it. We change the sheets regularly but it still does not stop me from waking up with the occasional dog hair in my mouth.

When i said a lot i mean Bella will be laid in a spot and when she moves she will leave a bunch of single hairs behind. I do not want to give the impression that you are going to have football sized hair balls floating around your living room.

I also need to say that this happens at certain points of the year too when they are shedding their summer or winter coats. The rest of the time you will barely notice your Cocker Spaniel shed.



Through the periods leading up to the cold or warm weather when your dog is starting to shed that coat of fur is when you want to really get involved with a brush. Get outside, when the weather permits, and give your dog a good brush to remove the loose hairs. I would recommend at least every other day but as often as possible will reduce the problem significantly. Your dog will also enjoy being brushed when they get used to it and it is a great time to spend bonding with your furry friend.

*As a side note you want a brush with plastic bristles as metal one’s can cut the dogs skin and cause skin problems.

Regular Baths

Black Cocker Spaniel bathingIf the weather is just too bad to go outside and brush your dog off or they have begun to smell a little just stick them in the bath. Invest in some good quality shampoo (See my product reviews) as this will get more of the dirt out of your dogs fur and the nice smell will last a lot longer. Whilst in the bath use your brush to, again, remove the loose hair from your pet.


Yes the dogs diet can effect how much hair they loose. Cocker Spaniels seem to be prone to skin conditions and if yours ends up with one then it could mean a lot more hair is lost and obviously a poorly dog. You can take steps to prevent skin conditions in your dog by buying premium dog food or even feeding your dog a raw diet which is beginning to become very popular.

The Dyson Animal attachment!

When me and my girlfriend moved into our first home last year i criticised her for wanting to spend so much money on a Dyson vacuum. We went to check them out in Currys. Yes that’s right we stood in curry’s pushing around vacuum cleaners while a salesman watched us. I was still not sold as to be honest i thought a vacuum is a vacuum and this was an expensive vacuum cleaner. I lost the discussion and we bought it anyway…

Now i honestly don’t know what we would do without it. I love getting the Animal attachment on the stairs and sofa to get up all those pesky hairs that stick into the material. The vacuum is also brilliant in its normal standing form. The carpets look refreshed after each time they get vacuumed. A definite must if you have a dog or cat.

Dyson animal for you Cocker SpanielClick the Dyson to find out more…

Comment below to let me know how much your dog sheds or how much the Dyson has sucked up!

How long do cocker spaniels live for?

How long do cocker spaniels live on average?

It is never a nice thing to consider but it still needs to be thought about when looking into a new family friend. I have heard of some pedigree dogs that will live for as little as 6 years which is such a short time! I am going to cover in this article the life expectancy of cocker spaniels as well as what you can do as your new pets owner to make sure your pet lives a long and happy life. Everyone loves Cocker spaniel puppies but just how long do Cocker spaniels live after they have left their cute puppy stage?

Black Cocker spaniel running

So how long can i expect my cocker spaniel to live?

This is never going to be an easy question to answer as there are always ‘freaks of nature’ that will outlive the norm by years. The average you should expect your new friend to live is 12 – 15 years of age. As mentioned above this can change massively but it is a good number to start with.

Do you have children?

The reason i ask this is mainly due to my comment above about some dogs only living 6 years which i honestly find shocking. I got my first dog when i was 6 months old and she grew up with me until i was in my early teens. When we sadly had to let her go due to cancer i was absolutely devastated. This was a dog that had been there for me my whole life, i had shared so many memories with her and she was as much part of the family as my sister (I often preferred my dog).

So when considering a pet for your child i would strongly advise one with a good life span that will be with your child through their younger years. You can never account for everything but start with a good average and take on board some of my tips below and hopefully your new family pet will be with you for many happy years!!

So how do i extend my dogs life?

Their diet

You can’t turn on the news these days without some new research been revealed that certain foods, that we have been eating for years, will now shorten our lives and this is the same for our pets too. In our lives we are able to eat a nice mixture of meat, vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates to balance our body but our dogs do not get this opportunity.

Lets face it dogs are greedy creatures… They will eat whatever you put in frontDog chewing the floor of them and often things that you don’t. Here Bella decided that she was that hungry that she wanted to eat the bathroom floor!

This puts a lot of responsibility on what you as an owner puts down in front of your dog each day. I have already suggested the food that i feed my dog on my diet page and i will always stand by this decision. Sure there may be cheaper food out there but why feed your pet that loves you the cheapest food for their whole life? I have chosen Royal Canin’s Cocker Spaniel food as it provides them with everything they need without the cheap additives that the lower brands will put in instead of good nutrients as they are more expensive.

Do not venture into feeding your dog scraps and ‘an treats’ because they are looking sad at you. They will always look sad at you because they want whatever you are eating at that time. Try eating a carrot and when they come giving you puppy eyes let them have a piece, 9 times out of 10 they won’t eat it…

Never feed your dog chocolate!

Don't feed dogs chocolate

“Various chocolate types” by Taken byfir0002

This does deserve its own heading as chocolate should never been fed to a dog. The issue is two fold:

  1. The chocolate can be poisonous to a dog and cause kidney failure.
  2. For the same reason we shouldn’t eat too much chocolate (I type this while eating a bar of Milka) it can make us fat which will then inevitably lead to further problems in life.

So don’t feed your dog chocolate!


Working cocker spaniels require more exercise than their show cousins as they have been bred to, well, work. With my dogs i will often take them for a long walk in the morning. This will often tire them out and makes them settle for the day. Other than that they are let out to run around the garden and then a short walk at night so they can do their business before bed.

Regular exercise like this will keep your dog fit which will reduce their risk of health problems. Getting their heart rate up and pumping through playing with a ball or stick is also advised. This is fun exercise for the dog as they will often play with you because they know you enjoy it too so have fun with them. Do this regularly when your dog is young to build the habit into you and your dog so that you never have to then exercise your dog so that they shed the pounds.

Overweight Cocker Spaniel dog


The last thing i wanted to mention is lungworm. I will no doubt cover this issue in the future in its own post but for now i will cover the basics so that you do not fall foul as my uncle did…

He bought a working cocker spaniel puppy and he was very healthy. He got put into training and was doing brilliantly. The whole family loved the dog. Sadly just after his first birthday he passed away due to lungworm. It was found that he had caught lungworm from the slugs and snails in the back garden. This was caught too late and there was nothing that they could to do save the pup.

This can be so easily avoided by using products that have been specifically designed to counter lungworm. Speak to your vet when you take your dog for its initial injections and they will no doubt recommend Advocate as this is an amazing product that flees your dog and also kills a variety of worms.

Comment below and let me know how old your cocker is and lets see if we can find the oldest spaniel!